Friday Favorites: Tidy Up

Hello friends!  I hope everyone had a stellar week, and is checking off all of their end of summer to-dos!  This week I have put together some of my go-to favorite items revolving around keeping things tidy!  Be sure to check out Friday favorites of my friends below!

1.  Bobsweep Pet Hair Plus:  I just got this baby, and so far I am super pleased.  Between my two young children that spend their days outdoors in the dirt, and my two adopted pups it is hard to keep up.  The Bobsweep is super powerful and I love that its quieter than a regular vacuum, allowing us to run it while the kids nap or even at night once everyone is in bed.  It takes me forever to vacuum my whole house so this is a nice little helper.  I love having that additional time to play with the kids.   If you have ever tried vacuuming while entertaining a one and two year old,  you know it can be pretty challenging.  They like to hang all over you, stand right in front of the vacuum, or Felix's new one, attempting to chew on the cord (yikes).  So yes, this is definitely a favorite.  

2.  Kids n Pets spray.  You know how I mentioned two young kids and two pups?  Well this stuff is awesome, I have yet to find something and somewhere that it can't tackle.  I always have a bottle of this handy, actually I have one on each floor of the house.

3.  Honest Hand Sanitizer Spray: lavender.  I keep this in my diaper bag and car. It smells divine!

4.  Method all natural all purpose cleaning spray: honey crisp apple.  This is my favorite scent, I love to use this in the kitchen and bathrooms as well!

4.  This is more tidiness for personal healthcare, but I love my Sonicare toothbrush.  I used to use one a years ago and then stopped, silly me.  I came back to it because I am, and always have been, an aggressive brusher.  This toothbrush solves that issue and leaves my mouth feeling like I just came back from the dentist (minus all the anxiety, if you're anything like me haha). Target is the only place that has this color, and right now you can save $10 on it!)


I hope everyone has a great weekend and doesn't spend too much time cleaning ;).


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