Beauty Staples Under $10

I have put a list together of a few of my go-to beauty staples that are under $10 and can be bought right at target or even a drug store.  I always have these items in my bathroom, they are tried and true!


1. Dry shampoo- I have tried many different dry shampoos over the years, some were successful and some not.  Lately, this has been my go to.  At target (in the store) it comes in a two pack!

2. Bronzer- I seriously have been using this bronzer for about 15 years (no joke).  It's great for my sensitive skin and love that it is a muddy matte color.  I do have a few other favorites that are more of a splurge but this is great for every day use!

3.  Brow pencil- Easy application, great color, and I love the brow brush on the end.

4.  Nail Polish-I hardly have time to do my own nails these days, let alone go get them done.  I can't say enough about this line, it goes on nicely and stays put for over a week.  I linked a great fall color!

5. Face mask- I sometimes forget about this gem, but when I break it out it never disappoints.

6. My all time favorite mascara- It is the best and the only mascara I use!

Fill me in on your budget friendly beauty staples in the comments, I would love to try them out!




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