A toast to Motherhood

Of all things I have done and hats that I have worn in my (almost 30) years of life, the one I identify most with is being a Mom.  Growing up I always loved babies and children.  At the ripe age of probably 8 I was coined a “baby hog” by all of my family and friends, if there is a baby in the room there is a good chance its in my arms!  I always knew I wanted to have a family and be Mom from a young age.  The joy children bring into this world is nothing short of amazing and everyday I am grateful to be in the presence of my two little sweeties.

I would have to say my favorite thing about being a Mom is watching my children learn new things, there is nothing better.  The joy and excitement a child gets through the process of learning something new is unparalleled, and the way they look at you in reassurance that you witnessed it is even better.

Although being a Mom is the hardest thing I have ever done, it has a magical way of being the best thing I have done all at the same time.  Motherhood is raw, chaotic, imperfect and most of all it is altruistic.  To be able to give every ounce (and then some) of yourself to someone else is the most selfless act one can give.  There are times during the day that I crave just 5 minutes to myself but then once 7pm hits and the kids are in bed I sit there missing them.  It all goes by wayyyy to fast, I don’t want to miss one single goodnight, a first step, a belly laugh, big squeezy hug or even (dare I say it) a tantrum.

My wish to my children is that they have a magical childhood and grow to be kind individuals and understand they can do anything with handwork and perseverance!

Motherhood may not be something everyone can or want to experience but I just want to say to ALL the Mamas out there your doing an amazing job, it’s the most challenging job in the world.  We’re all just trying to get by day to day, and mold tiny humans into good people.